The most complete and technical Salmon and Steelhead fishing how-to
book for ALL methods of catching these fish!  The Reel Truth has
uncovered the best kept secrets and intricacies for maximizing your catch
of Salmon and Steelhead, like no book before!
The Reel Truth

Coastal river fishing is the author's favorite
(Steve at the oars, with client Dr. Redecki).
Bringing a limit of ocean salmon to port
in Nick Amato's boat.
* Book Summary:
The Reel Truth gets down to the real truth and secrets of the best techniques to
catch salmon and steelhead region wide, with a full range of methods - uniquely
opening the bag, so-to-speak. This is a comprehensive study on all aspects of this
great recreational sport, including where to find these fish, the most popular
methods to catch them, planning and adaptive strategies, latest hi-tech intricacies
and secrets to success. It also includes excellent ideas for upcoming new techniques
to keep on top of catching these challenging fish in the future. To those of you who
will concentrate to absorb and practice what you've obtained here, I am confident
this will greatly shorten your learning curve toward joining the upper echelon of
successful fishermen.

* If you read STS magazine (Salmon Trout Steelheader), please check out
the great review Dr. Jack Berryman gave 'The Reel Truth' book - in the April
'06 trout special issue (still plenty on salmon/steelhead in that one). It's in
the 'Book Angler' column, on page 109. Thank you.
Ron More and I bring a limit of
Chinooks to the bank.
"This book is the one, the best I've ever
read on fishing how-to!  It's a must read
for any serious salmon and steelhead
Jerry Shipe, SW Washington fishing guide

"This is really all inclusive
book on salmon and steelhead fishing,
particularly the chapters on egg curing
plus scents and the one about technical
presentation tricks. Thank you Steve!"
Kevin Beckman, avid NW Oregon
outdoorsman (salmon/steelhead fisherman &
elk bow hunter)

Testimonials Posted on the Internet:

"Just have to say, Steve, what an
excellent job you did on this book. It is
not your typical "how to book" where
only the basics are covered. This book
gets down to the fine details with some
really unique tips. Thanks for sharing
your knowledge. It is definitely worth
getting. Good luck with the sales, I am
sure it will be very successful."
Craig (moniker is 'onemorecast')

"What a GREAT BOOK! Packed with
great information. I'm only a few pages
into reading the book, but already have
picked up some valuable tips, which
make the book well worth the money..
Can't wait to read the whole thing. It's
hard to put it down..."
Lynn (moniker is 'Grandpa Lynn')

"I  recently received my copy of Steve
Hanson's 'The Reel Truth.' After my
initial reading of the book, I'm amazed
at how much inside information is being
passed onto us! Steve goes into great
detail on many of the secrets of how,
where, and what to use to catch salmon
and steelhead. It definitely shares loads
of information from many years of
fishing the Northwest rivers, and is a
book to use as a fishing bible. I believe
you owe yourself a treat by checking
out this book."
Fred Neal (Fred's Fishing Hole)
Note: Edited shorter.

Chapter One
: Locating the Fish/Reading Water
Chapter Two: Preparing, Customizing, and Fine Tuning Lures
& Tackle
Chapter Three: Hook Sharpening & Products
Chapter Four: Bait Preparation, Curing, & Scents
Chapter Five: Intricate Presentations & Tricks for Common
Chapter Six: Back-Trolling Techniques & Presentation
Chapter Seven: Tactics for Specific Watersheds & River
Chapter Eight: Saltwater Salmon Techniques & Tactics (by J.
Chapter Nine: Planning & Adaptive Strategies/ Boats/ Why
We Fish

Table of Contents:
Some of author's customized
plugs, with fish holding
bead-change hook rigup. Read
about custom painting tricks also
(chapter 2).